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We are a company dedicated to the activity of real estate mediation, which guides its performance by high standards of professionalism and competence, always in the defense of the interests of its clients.


We are in the market to provide our clients with the best experience in mediating the purchase, sale or rental of real estate, seeking at all times of the process to exceed the expectations of those who turn to our services.


We are dedicated to achieving good business, with maximum effectiveness.


Our business concept is in line with what the market wants from a professional real estate agent.


We provide the client with several hiring options that will result in different final commission amounts.


Knowing what really matters to the customer helps us make a difference. Maximize results while minimizing costs for the customer.


To have choice is to have freedom!

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Rua Brito e Cunha, 254 - 1º 
4450-081 Matosinhos

(+351) 936 173 943

(+351) 969 044 000

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